MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery

The New Generation Technology Now Helps Patients With Complete Tumor Excision Using The Most Advanced Hi Tech Brain Suite. Advanced imaging technique now developed to enable Neurosurgeons with intra-operative MRI to aid in the removal of complex and hard-to-access brain tumors during surgery.

A brain tumor is a group (mass) of abnormal cells that start in the brain. Primary brain tumors can arise from the brain cells, the membranes around the brain, nerves, or glands.

Tumors can directly destroy brain cells. They can also damage cells by producing inflammation, placing pressure on other parts of the brain, and increasing pressure within the skull. The cause of primary brain tumors is unknown. There are many possible risk factors that could play a role.

MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery in India

MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery is an advanced imaging treatment technique developed to enable neurosurgeons with intra-operative MRI to aid in the removal of complex and difficult-to-access brain tumors during surgery. The technique involves use of a powerful computer system that precisely helps neurosurgeon locate a lesion, plan each step of the procedure on computer screen and find out the ideal access to the tumor before performing the operation.

The technique is particularly helpful in treating a tumor that has difficult accessibility such as it is located deep inside the brain. During the procedure, the instrument movement is tracked very precisely by the computer providing surgeon with total control inside the brain with the help of real-time imaging. The technique also helps the surgeon to check if the tumor has been removed.

The Brain Suite has two main parts. There is a high-intensity MRI scanner integrated with an image-guided surgical system. The MRI scanner has a wide-bore opening allowing a patient to lie on his or her side. Previously, tumors that could only be accessed from the side of the skull were not easy to scan. This special MRI system lets doctors repeat scans during the operation to get more accurate information on the location, shape and size of the tumor. This minimizes problems associated with brain tumors shifting during excision.

A few risk factors include
  • Radiation therapy to the brain, used to treat brain cancers, increases the risk for brain tumors up to 20 or 30 years afterwards.
  • Exposure to radiation at work or to power lines, as well as head injuries, smoking, and hormone replacement therapy have NOT yet been shown to be factors.
  • The risk of using cell phones is hotly debated. However, most recent studies have found that cell phones, cordless phones, and wireless devices are safe and do not increase the risk.

MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery in a Brain Suite

Advantages of Next Generation Technology over Conventional Neurosurgery to Remove Brain Tumor

The surgeon is guided during the surgery by live Advanced New Generation computer assisted MRI and thus knows exactly where tumor ends and normal brain begins.

Enhanced ability of Neurosurgeon to excise the complete tumor. Less risk of post operative complications. Functional image guidance with MRI allows for accurate, non-invasive preoperative assessment and planning for brain tumor surgery.

MRI guided Brain Tumor Surgery allows a more complete tumor removal with much less risk to surrounding brain tissue.

"Inoperable" tumors (inoperable by conventional surgical techniques) can be resected with MRI Guided Brain Tumor Surgery. Frequently, these are deep seated-relatively benign tumors in children and young adults or elderly patients. Many of these tumors can be cured with this most advanced technology.