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India has become the ultimate destination for thousands of people across the world who are seeking affordable advanced orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery abroad. The reasons for huge number of patients travelling to India for advanced orthopaedic and joint replacement surgery. The large number of orthopaedic surgeries in India enables Indian hospitals to offer low-cost orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery in India. Further, orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery cost in India, is amongst the lowest in the world. What’s more, the best orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery hospitals in India have a success rate of over 99%! And also the Specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery.

India has become a hub of thousands of people across the world who are seeking highest quality orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery

  • The low cost of orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery in India is without any compromise on quality or success rate.
  • Many orthopaedic surgeons in India have super speciality academic qualifications and training in the UK, USA, etc.
  • Orthopaedic and joint replacement surgery in India is preceded by investigations that are carried out on the latest imaging machines from companies like Siemens, Phillips, GE, etc.
  • Specialized rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, to help patients return back to normal activity soon after the surgery
  • Computer Navigation Surgery System for excellent outcomes and use of finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables imported from Leading International Companies.
  • Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are English speaking, and thus no language barrier and Best Orthopedic Hospitals in India are designed to provide complete patient care and care for the attendants- coffee lounges, money changers, travel desks, wi-fi zones etc.

Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India

Hip replacement surgeons and hospitals in India have become world leaders at this procedure, in terms of both expertise and experience. Given the large number of total & partial hip joint replacement surgeries performed in India, hip surgeons from India are actually working together with global leaders in the production of artificial joints, to design implants customised for the Indian anatomy.

India has a large population (about one billion) and there are a correspondingly large number of patients as well. In joint replacements too, India is amongst the world leaders with many hospitals in India having performed over 25,000 joint replacements each. Similarly, there are many hip surgeons in India who have performed over 10,000 total hip joint replacement surgeries each. Such large volumes lead to both expertise and cost savings - the best hip joint replacement & resurfacing hospitals in India are thus able to offer a success rate of 99% in joint replacements, and that too at the lowest cost of total or partial hip joint replacement & resurfacing surgery, in the world.

Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

  • The best of hip replacement surgeons in India have acquired super specialisation and training in the UK, USA, etc
  • The low cost of Total or Partial Hip Replacement surgery in India is offered without any compromise on quality or
  • The success rate in India for Total & Partial Hip Joint Replacement surgery at India's best hospitals is a phenomenal 99%
  • Success rate, which is as high as 99% at the best orthopaedic hospitals in India
  • The cost of Hip Replacement surgery in India is amongst the lowest anywhere in the world

If your hip has been damaged by arthritis, a fracture, or other conditions, common activities such as walking or getting in and out of a chair may be painful and difficult. Your hip may be stiff, and it may be hard to put on your shoes and socks. You may even feel uncomfortable while resting. If medications, changes in your everyday activities, and the use of walking supports do not adequately help your symptoms, you may consider hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can relieve your pain, increase motion, and help you get back to enjoying normal, everyday activities.

The most common forms of arthritis which affect the hip joint are the following

  • Osteoarthritis : This condition is primarily age-related and generally occurs in individuals over the age of 50, who have a family history of this condition. Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage cushion in the hip to wear away, leading to bone friction and hip pain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis : This condition causes inflammation of the synovial membrane, which produces the lubricating fluid for the hip joint.
  • Hip disease during childhood : Some hip diseases suffered during infancy or childhood can result in arthritis in adult life even if the diseases were treated and cured during childhood
  • Arthritis caused by hip fracture/trauma : Fracture of the hip or severe damage to the ligaments in the hip joint can cause degeneration of the cartilage, resulting in hip pain.

There are two major types of artificial hip replacements - Cemented Prosthesis and the Uncemented Prosthesis. Both types of prosthesis are widely used.

Each prosthesis is made up of two parts
  • The acetabular component, or socket portion, which replaces the acetabulum.
  • The femoral component or stem portion, which replaces te femoral head.

The femoral component is made of a metal stem with a metal ball on the end. Some prosthesis have a ceramic ball attached to the metal stem. The acetabular component is a metal shell with a plastic inner socket liner that acts like a bearing. The type of plastic used is highly cross linked ultra high molecule weight Polyethylene which is wear resistant.

A cemented prosthesis is held in place by Poly Metha Acrylate (PMMA) cement that attaches the metal to the bone. An uncemented prosthesis has a fine mesh of holes on the surface area that touches the bone. The mesh allows the bone to grow into the mesh and "become part of" the bone. The lofe of uncemented prosthesis is three times as that of cemented hip prosthesis.

Computer assisted surgery (CAS) / Computer aided surgery/Image guided intervention and Surgical Navigation

Orthopaedic surgeons may use computer assisted surgery (CAS) technology, also known as surgical navigation, during total hip replacement procedures to help ensure that the implants are properly aligned to the patient’s unique anatomy. Accurate alignment of the hip components is crucial to the overall function of the new hip joint. Proper alignment may also help the new joint feel more natural, and enable it to potentially last longer. Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the femur (head of the thighbone) and the acetabulum (hip socket) with an artificial prosthesis consisting of three parts: a cup (replacing the hip socket), a metal stem (replacing the neck of the thighbone) and a metal or ceramic ball (replacing the damaged head of the thigh bone and linking the cup and stem together).

CAS technology offers a hip replacement patient several benefits including
  • With CAS technology, surgeons are able to make precise adjustments to ensure the optimal implant fit, range of motion and joint stability. This may help to reduce joint wear and extend the life of the implant.
  • CAS may allow for less invasive techniques which have other potential advantages including: smaller incisions with reduced muscle disruption and decreased rehabilitation time.
  • Provides your surgeon with comprehensive data about your anatomy which may help determine proper placement of your joint replacement
  • Ability to plan for surgery with a computer generated model of your hip .
  • Provides the surgeon with feedback and the ability to correct potential misalignment during the surgery
  • Allows for better visualization of anatomy, which is particularly important when minimally-invasive techniques are used.
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