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A large number of foreign patients now come to India for Live Related Organ Transplant Surgery like Kidney Transplants, Liver Transplants and Bone Marrow Transplants.

Organ Transplantation is a very complex surgical specialty and requires very high degree of Clinical skills and Medical Technology and Infrastructure. India has now become the most preferred destination for organ transplant procedures. These include Liver, Kidney and Bone marrow transplant surgeries.

Not only the cost is low; the success rate of organ transplant in India is at par with the world’s best success rate for organ transplant.

Since Organ Transplantation is a very complex surgical specialty and requires very high degree of Clinical skills and Medical Technology, and Indian surgeons and healthcare has proven its competence, there has been a great surge in the number of medical tourists coming to India for various organ transplants. The Infrastructure and technology used at these best organ transplant hospitals in India is the most sophisticated technology available in the world, which results in better patient recovery, higher success rate, low cost and convenience to the patient.

MedGinnie Affiliated Hospitals in India the Leading Destination for Organ Transplant Surgery

  • Indian doctors are known all over the world for their skill and knowledge and have the experience of studying and working at the best hospitals in the world.
  • India’s leading liver transplant centre conducts perhaps the world’s highest number of liver transplants (16 to 18 every month).
  • The hospital has a special centre for liver diseases amongst children and liver transplants for children
  • Highly skilled surgical teams with vast experience and excellent track record of doing largest numbers of Live related donor kidney and liver transplants with survival rates comparable to world’s best centers.
  • Most advanced Technology Infrastructure – Blood Bank with 24 hour apharesis facility, advanced laboratory and microbiology (infection control) support, advanced cardiology, DSA and interventionalradiology, portable and colour ultra-sonology, Liver Fibro-scan, 64 slice CT scanner, 3 T MRI, PET-CT and nephrology (including 24 hour dialysis and CVVHD) facilities.
  • Organ Transplant Hospitals in India are now equipped with the latest and high end technology.

Liver Transplant Hospitals in India with MedGinnie

Best liver transplant surgeons in India who have many years of experience in performing liver transplant surgery with the survival rates among the best in the world.

The facilities where the transplant is performed are state of the art facilities with latest technology you would find anywhere in the world. These facilities are considered to be among the best liver transplant hospitals in India and best liver transplant hospitals in the world.

It costs a fraction of amount to get the liver transplant in India than what you would pay in a western country. The facilities and surgeons are as good as what you would get in any developed nation and we would make sure that you concentrate only on your treatment and recovery and we would take care of the rest.

Liver Transplants in India

A liver transplant procedure is a very complex surgery that is very professionally done at select hospitals in India with a success rate of 95% for the patient and 100 % safety for the donor. These success rates are on par with the best liver transplant centres internationally. India’s leading liver transplant surgeon performs between 16-18 liver transplants every month, perhaps the highest number of liver transplant surgeries led by any single surgeon anywhere in the world.

A patient suffering from liver cirrhosis and who is assessed to have a life expectancy of less than a year is generally considered for a Liver transplant surgery. Patients who are suffering from severe liver disease should consult a liver doctor at the earliest. The medical treatment or the liver transplant surgery (as per doctor’s recommendation) would be more effective the earlier the problem is diagnosed and treatment is started. Therefore, timely treatment is very important in getting good results. If a liver transplant surgery is done timely on a patient who is in a reasonable health condition, with a good donor liver then there are high chances of success. Some of the symptoms of liver failure due to cirrhosis are black stool, blood vomiting, water in the abdomen, drowsiness and mental confusion, excessive bleeding from minor wounds,Jaundice,Kidney dysfunction, Excessive tiredness, Low hemoglobin and other blood counts .

About the Donor

There are two types of donors for liver transplant

  1. Live Donor As the name suggests, a live donor is a living person who is healthy. In India, the law says that the donor should be a close blood relative of the patient.
  2. Cadeveric Donor A cadaver is a brain dead person. Donation of liver is possible if the family member of the person wishes to donate the liver before the life support is discontinues.

Such donation is possible from a brain dead person whose family wishes to donate the person’s organs before discontinuing life support. This situation arises only in a hospital ICU in a person after brain injury in an accident or in someone who has suffered fatal brain hemorrhage etc. In these circumstances, the whole liver can be used for an adult, and a part of it for a child. After removal from the donor (a process called liver retrieval) the liver can safely be kept preserved outside the body in special preservation solutions for 12-15 hours. Allocation of such organs is strictly according to blood group which must match, time on waiting list and urgency of requirement.


A liver transplant surgery starts with a detailed evaluation and a battery of tests for both the recipient and the donor. The evaluation of the recipient is done in three phases to establish definite diagnosis, determine the severity of liver disease and the urgency of the transplant. The functioning of all the vital organs is properly checked.

Before the liver transplant procedure the patient, donor and other family members are counselled about the procedure, hospital stay, the likely course after surgery, follow up and aftercare in order to help them to make up their mind and understand the process thoroughly.

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